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Open boat canal tour haarlem - Haarlem Canal Tours

Haarlem Canal Tours

Haarlem Canal Tours is a Haarlem company set up by entrepreneur and skipper Jeroen Hagen. Jeroen was raised in Haarlem and has a real passion for water, history, art and architecture. All this comes together in Haarlem Canal Tours, where he organizes small-scale cruises, private cruises and business events.

He sails through Haarlem with the open sloop ‘de Cornelia’ and gives you a personal explanation about the history, art and architecture of the city.

Haarlem Canal Tours operates under a licence, awarded by the municipality of Haarlem. Safety, hospitality and a personal approach are our top priorities. Skipper and host Jeroen Hagen has the required sailing licenses, years of sailing experience, first aid diploma and knowledge of the Haarlem waters.