Our boat

Cornelia - Haarlem Canal Tours

Our boat

Seafury 730 Comfort

Haarlem Canal Tours operates a luxury and very comfortable Seafury 730 Comfort open sloop, equipped with all modern conveniences, called ‘The Cornelia’. The Cornelia is 8m long, 2.67m wide and very stable.

The boat is approved to carry 20 people. . Because we limit the number of guests to 12, there will always be enough room to sit comfortably. There is a sun deck on the bow.
All on-board equipment complies with safety regulations and we carry enough life jackets for every passenger, including children.

Equipped with every luxury

The Cornelia has an on-board refrigerator. During canal tours, we only serve cold soft drinks. During private canal trips or events, we are licensed to sell alcoholic drinks.

There is a sound system with built-in audio system, to which you can also connect a smartphone so that you can enjoy listening to your favourite music during the trip. All of this guarantees that your trip on the waterways of Haarlem will be a wonderful experience.